About Sweet and Mellow Truck

There was a time when old-fashioned values and excellent customer service were the standard not the exception. The Sweet and Mellow truck is our tribute to those values, and our determination to bring them back.  From the perfect cup of coffee to mouth watering artisan desserts the Sweet and Mellow Truck is our realization of a small business dream come true.

The Sweet and Mellow truck serves up the ‘best of the best’ from local, independent small batch roasters and artisan bakers. We source locally whenever possible.  Our coffee house on wheels is a fun and unique place for you and your friends to enjoy.  Whether it’s at community events, company functions,  private catered parties or wherever you happen to be, we’ll transport you to a Sweet and Mellow place.

Owners Paul and Denise take great pride in knowing that with each sip and every bite you’ll enjoy supporting our small business partnerships. We’re always tweaking and bringing in exciting new items to keep things interesting and seasonal. It’s a sweet gig and one we take very seriously!