The Perfect Brew

Today we’re going to take a behind the scenes, sneak peek at preparing our smooth and refreshing iced coffee.  To many of you iced coffee just means hot coffee poured over iced.  YIKES !  On, Sweet and Mellow we much prefer using the Japanese developed method called Toddy.  Think of it more like a steeped tea.  First we select a seasonally fresh full bodied medium roast bean.  We grind to a consistency a bit finer than for drip and then using the prescribed amount of filtered water and time we steep it for about 24 hrs.  Next we allow the steeped brew to slow drip into a decanter.  After about 30 minutes this coffee concentrate then gets diluted to the proper mixture of water and coffee.  The exact measurements are a trade secret.  But you can always just look on the box (wink, wink).  The final results are a less acidic (about 65% less), smoother and sweeter coffee than a typical brew.  It’s time consuming process but we feel it’s well worth the wait.  Poured over ice with a splash of milk or cream and it’s a perfect summer refresher.