Dionysus Dash 5K Fun Run

7:30 am-11:00 am

Dionysus Dash 5K Fun Run

Dionysus Dash 5K Fun Run
Concannon Vineyards 4590 Tesla Road
Livermore, CA

Now here’s a really fun event with a little exercise and treats thrown in to sweeten the pot.  Right here in our own backyard at Concannon Vineyards.  We’re back !  Stop by coffee, espresso drinks, cocoa, hot and cold signature drinks and SUPER tasty pastries and desserts.  Hey, you earned it right ?

Are you worthy to run with Dionysus the Greek God of Wine?

Please join the fun.  It’s a 5k run/walk through the beautiful vineyards of Concannon Vineyards.
This event is for the novice and avid runners, wine tasters and Greek walkers.

We will have wine tastings, music and awards. It is time to RUN with the “Greek God of Wine” Dionysus We encourage everyone to bring out their TOGA’s and greek head pieces.